Smartstamps new, easier, faster and cheaper option for sending letters.

Smartstamps new, easier, faster and cheaper option for sending letters.

The Smart Stamp is a physical stamp with a unique 3-way identifier that allows postal items to be tracked and traced. The Smart Stamp is a versatile stamp that enables better service and process optimization. This unique concept was developed with Posti Finland, after which Royal Joh. Enschedé has further developed the product.

Alternative for expres post and registered letters

In Finland, stamped letters were delivered to recipients within four days. If a consumer wanted his letter to be delivered faster or to trace it, he had to either send an express letter or a registered letter. Both of these required a visit to the Post office. In addition to these options, we wanted to offer our customers a new, easier, faster and cheaper option for sending letters and cards: A stamped letter with a Smart Stamp. The new process had to be light, affordable, digital and as simple as possible for the consumer.

Cooperation with Royal Joh. Enschedé

We have been cooperating with RJE for decades in the world of stamps. We have also jointly developed numerous new innovations to promote the use of stamps in Finland. The new Smart stamp contains a lot of special technology that we wanted to ensure to be produced by a reliable partner. The development of the new Smart Stamp was a mutual innovation. With this cooperation, I think we achieved the best possible result.

For consumers and small businesses

We launched the new Smart Stamp for two reasons: we wanted to offer faster delivery of letters and the ability to deliver the delivery information to the sender. The smart stamp has been well used among both consumers and small businesses. Peer traders also use the service a lot. Some users use the service due to faster delivery, and for others, delivery information is more important. Of course, the launch of a new service always requires its own time and requires some marketing resources. However, we have also found that satisfied users are the best marketing ambassadors.

Smart stamp is nowadays an important part of our product portfolio and we think it responds well to the expectations of what the modern letter delivery service is.