Independent Joh. Enschedé Banknotes is an independent banknote printer since 1814 and is active in the global marketplace, serving Central Banks and State Printing Works in many countries.

The company offers its skills in all stages of the production process, from banknote design, origination and consultancy to banknote production and the supply of printing tools. Through Joh. Enschedé you will have access to all products and services provided by the best industry partners and utilise a wide range of know-how, features and technologies as a result. Joh. Enschedé Banknotes is an accredited Euro printer and belongs to the top five banknote suppliers in the world. The company is known for its open and cooperative customer relations as well as its authentic graphical craftsmanship and a wide variety of printing technologies and innovations.

Design The importance of a good banknote design becomes clear when realizing that banknotes are used by everyone on a daily basis. Trusted for their authenticity and valued for their beauty and national representation, banknotes are the showpieces of a country. They have to look beautiful and be representative, they must be hard to counterfeit and at the same time production cost must be reasonable.

The Netherlands are known for excellent ‘Dutch Design’. The successful layouts of the Joh. Enschedé design team strike the right balance between the various important aspects. With each banknote, its goal is to achieve the very best combination of a nation’s culture, the story of the particular note and its actual use in the market. Passion for technology, attention to detail and cooperation within the industry and with the customer are vital and have led to very beautiful and well received designs and design upgrades.

Origination Before printing a specific denomination, the origination must be created. The origination process is the transformation from design into all the individual line-structures separated by the various ink units for each printing technique. It goes without saying that such a transformation requires the highest levels of skills, precision, technological tools and eye for detail. Joh. Enschedé was one of the first companies to use direct laser engraving for its intaglio plates. Its experienced staff produces originations for its own banknote productions as well as for other (state) printing works.

Printing Joh. Enschedé Banknotes offers all the known banknote printing techniques: simultaneous offset, Orlof intaglio, hot-foil stamping, OVMI-screen-print, book print numbering and UV-cured varnishing. The substrates, inks and foils are sourced from a wide variety of accredited industry suppliers.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and flexible organisation the Printing Department is able to offer a capacity of over 2 billion banknotes per year to Central Banks worldwide. Royal Joh. Enschedé is able to accommodate small to very big volumes, delivering all projects according to specifications and planning. The efficiency of the production processes and organisation enables the company to offer competitive prices. Needless to say the Joh. Enschedé printing department meets the strictest quality assurance, security and environmental conditions.

Finishing and Shipping Once the sheets have passed all printing stages, they are checked thoroughly. Sheets which have passed this first inspection round are then numbered and cut into individual banknotes. Alternatively, single banknotes can be run through the sorter machines for final single note inspection, digital number registration and identification by barcodes.

Separately, randomly selected sheets and banknotes undergo manual inspection and in-house laboratory tests. Notes are usually tied in sets of one hundred and bundled in sets of one thousand. Any production waste is destroyed by the in-house, high security destruction systems.

Final packaging is based on specific demands of the individual customer. Shipping is organised in line with strict regulations and after close consultation with the customer. The location of Joh. Enschedé near the main Dutch Airport is a practical advantage.

Quality Control The Quality Control procedures - which are embedded in the Quality Management System – begin at the start of substrate production and follow each step in the production process. In view of the importance of banknote quality and conformity to specification, prevention and reduction of ‘defect’ or ‘limit’ banknotes is essential. The importance of those strict controls coincides with knowing precisely when each sheet was produced, among other things, in order to ensure that all watermarks are recorded at all times, for full traceability.

Joh. Enschedé's fully equipped laboratory has the capability and capacity to perform full control of all used materials and on all products produced. These laboratory services are available for all Central Banks and their printing works.