Reaching younger audiences
with crypto stamps

Honouring a centuries-old tradition whilst keeping an eye on tomorrow, Crypto Stamps offer a best-of-both-worlds for your business. As collecting and trading stamps is still popular worldwide, adding crypto stamps to your portfolio can be very rewarding. Especially as it attracts a new and younger audience, now and in the future. Interested to step into this postal business opportunity? We can help design, encode, and sell your own branded crypto stamps.
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Crypto Stamp for Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post has brought postal stamps under the attention of Gen Z and Millennials again by announcing their Crypto Stamps in late 2023. The pioneering product was co-developed by Royal Joh. Enschede and comes with a tangible stamp and personalized NFT-code. Every NFT is unique and can be owned, collected, and traded on the platform. A big step for Deutsche Post, with many global services to follow. Ready to navigate this digital frontier?

New business model for postal organizations

The collectibles market is rapidly expanding with a new audience: NFT collectors. Become part of this market by issuing your own crypto stamps.

One-stop solution for postal organizations

From design to stamp to trading platform – you can issue both physical stamps and their digital twins including the trading platform without the hassle.

Secure and user-friendly platform is a platform for buying, claiming, collecting, and trading crypto stamps.
It offers postal organizations the most secure and user-friendly platform

Attract new audiences with crypto stamps?

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Stamp collecting in an NFT world, how?

QR-code link to NFT

Each physical stamp includes a QR-code that, when scanned, directs you to the NFT-version.
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Unlock phrase

A hidden 12-word text on the stamp grants access to the digital stamp.

Transferrable ownership

The 12-word text added text also facilitates the transfer of the NFT to another owner.
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The digital counterparts of the stamps are ERC721 tokens, compatible with various blockchain applications.

Building collections

Issuing multiple versions of the Crypto-Stamp offers the possibility of building up a collection.
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Virtual stamp album

A “Collection” is a virtual stamp album, where new stamps are added by scanning QR-codes.

Seamless transactions

When a digital Crypto Stamp is bought or exchanged for a token, the Crypto Stamp is directly transferred to the relevant collection.
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See the AR banknotes in action

Ready to get noted with personalized banknotes?

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