The Value of Exitement


By creating banknotes for events that offer an innovative and exciting AR experience we turned currency into a collectable.

Being a banknote printing company Royal Joh. Enschedé recently launched a brand new service for the entertainment industry to their portfolio: MyEventNote.

MyEventNote is an environmentally friendly top notch money system with unlimited marketing and promotion possibilities. MyEventNote is your trusted partner in dedicated event banknotes, high security design and print of your event money and commemorative souvenir banknotes.

The real thing!
MyEventNote is a new concept for your cash payment system, bringing you high quality banknotes, printed by one of the oldest banknote security printing companies in the world. At MyEventNote we think big and have developed a new product to take your event to the next level. Your own customized environmentally friendly money with unrivalled marketing potential.

How we work

Creative procedure

This is the part where we define the problem and identify the need or desire that requires a solution.
This is the process of designing the products, making use of the preparations we design our products to the highest specifications.
The last phase, this where the core of our business happens. The presses will start rolling, goin through to finishing and transporting the final product.

Do you want to talk about value?