By Royal Joh. Enschedé

Notable by Royal Joh. Enschedé turns currency into a collectable. With over 300 years of experience in the unique craft of printing banknotes, we ensure high level quality that you can see and feel.

By combining innovative AR technology to our high grade banknote printing technologies, we create exciting and surprising opportunities to make your brand or message come to life in a unique and memorable way.

Make it Notable


Notable currency

Notable allows you to create your own custom currency with unlimited marketing and promotion possibilities to surprise and excite your audience.

Notable collectible

Through innovative AR technology we allow you to integrate video and animation into banknotes, making them a sought after collector’s item.

The Making of the "Nick & Simon Tenner"

Click on the movie above and you will experience how this unique and special initiative came about: the meeting with the main characters, the ideas and the brilliant end result. Together with the Dutch singing duo Nick & Simon, Marcel Klok of Royal Joh. Enschedé, leads you through all the production phases for the banknote; from design to printing process, from finishing to inspection and finally presenting the first pack of Tenners to Nick & Simon.

Also, the development of the App with many great augmented reality features is shown and explained and as well as how the unique collaboration with the Dutch charity EpilepsieNL Foundation came about. All with one goal, Seize it together

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