The Crypto Stamp

Innovation is in our nature. We support postal organisations in their innovation initiatives with, a platform for buying, claiming, collecting, and trading crypto-stamps. As collecting and trading stamps is still popular worldwide, adding crypto stamps to your portfolio can be very rewarding. Especially as it will attract a new and younger audience.

Crypto stamps are physical counterparts to digital NFTs, securely owned and traded on blockchain technology. We’ve partnered with Concordium and PROxID to develop a user-friendly platform on a secure blockchain infrastructure with low-cost transactions. offers a one-stop-shop solution for designing, printing, encoding, packaging, and selling your own branded crypto stamps via a webshop to customers worldwide.

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How does it work?

Each physical stamp is provided with a QR code that takes you to the website of the corresponding digital image. Next to the stamp there is a hidden area with a text of 12 words that unlocks access to the digital stamp and can transfer it to another owner. In terms of technology, the digital Crypto Stamps are ERC721 tokens supported by multiple blockchain applications.

If you scan the QR code next to the stamp you can find the digital twins, i.e. the image of the Crypto-Stamp which also exists in the analogue world. By issuing multiple versions of the Crypto-Stamp you offer the collector the possibility to build up a collection.

A “Collection” is a virtual stamp album. Scan the QR-code to add the Crypto Stamp to the collection. When a digital Crypto Stamp is bought or exchanged for a token, the Crypto Stamp is directly transferred to the relevant collection. Other ways stamps end up in your collection are blockchain tools or trading with other collectors. From here they can be transferred to other collections and/or owners.

The collection is marked as being owned by the owner of the Crypto Stamps that are in it, but also has an owner that corresponds to the stamp collector. Because of this it is possible that the entire collection is transferred or sold to another owner.

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