The Data Matrix Code Stamp

Royal Joh. Enschedé recently developed a total solution for printing unique Data Matrix Codes (DMC’s) on individual postage stamps for one of its largest European customers.

The Offset-printed stamps are each equipped with a unique DMC by our accurate and versatile inkjet printer, based on the codes that are supplied by the customer.

Making sure each code is used only once, the print sheets are inspected on RJE’s professional high-speed camera inspection line that was used in the recent past for inspecting euro banknotes.


This solution’s main focus is to raise the bar for counterfeiters with a digital addition that has more to offer than just counterfeit protection but also has track & trace capabilities.


How does it work?

Add these unique DM-codes on each individual stamp to fight counterfeiting. Each unique code can only be used once through the logistic process. Fake codes or codes that are used twice are detected immediately and rejected by the scanning equipment
of the postal agency sorting centres. Additionally however, these codes can also be used for track & trace purposes: the sender scans the code and receives a signal when the letter of card he/ she sent has gone through the logistics of the postal agency and finally delivered at the receiver’s address. A kind of registered mail, so to speak!

Up to Standards

RJE’s DMC-stamp is based on the Data Matrix ECC 200 symbology and ISO/IEC 16022; ISO/IEC 15415 standard is used as a basis for checking the code quality of the DMC. RJE’s print inspection system ensures the readability of every single DMC stamp and quality reports are offered.


Datamatric code type: According to ISO/IEC 16022
Product Type (hexadecimal): 35 variations
Logical symbol size: 16 x 48 Modules
Coding: BASE256
Content: Number of fields: 10 fields
Maximum data capacity: 47 bytes

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