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Diploma Support provides an all-in-one service platform for formatting, securing, printing and shipping diplomas for educational institutions.
Royal Joh Enschede Diploma Support

Why Diploma Support?

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All-in-one diploma service
For higher education institutions
Ease from ordering to delivery
Never signing signatures again
Entire logistics process secured
"Diploma Support offers us convenience, security and continuity. And has strengthened our corporate image!"
Anja Ronken, Maastricht University

Optimize your diploma path, with the highest level of security

Tens of thousands of students graduate every year. They receive their diploma along with a grade list in an attractive diploma folder. Diploma Support makes this work for university and college exam boards.

With Diploma Support you get a fast and secure way to generate, order and send all certificates online.

This partnership between Royal Joh. Enschede and software developer Prindustry provides the highest level of security for remote printing and signing of all diplomas. The documents are generated in a fully automated process and cannot be forged.
100% secure, customization and convenience!

Ease in creation and ordering

Customized diploma service tailored to the specific requirements of each educational institution. We provide personalized diplomas in the institution's branding, delivered flawlessly through an efficient online process.

A secure production process

Fraud-proof diplomas, transcripts and documents with advanced security, including digital signatures with microtext. Royal Joh. Enschedé ensures reliability in every step.

Online and offline delivery

Diploma Support sends documents securely and predetermines the recipients. Digital copies go to national registries or local databases, ready for awards. We manage the entire process from application to issuance.

Unforgeable diplomas in a highly efficient process

The 12 services of Diploma Support

Together with the educational institution, a new document is designed with security features such as unique watermarks, special foils, iris printing, microtext or anti-copy protection. Exact design elements, security features, formats and print runs are discussed in advance. The documents are printed with all security features. In this field, Royal Joh. Enschedé is the only Dutch printer with an Interpol-approved gravure print.

Subsequently, the blank documents, also called preprints, go into storage at Royal Joh. Enschedé’s secure location.

Content management is managing all the content information on degrees and supplements. A higher education institution has several faculties, each with dozens of degree programs. Each program has its own requirements on the texts and layout of the documents. With content management, it’s about maintaining and optimizing this information in all documents to stay up-to-date. Content management can be carried out both by Royal Joh. Enschedé and the educational institute.

Templates of all documents will become available for ordering in the platform. Employees who access the platform can choose the desired diplomas and related documents.

When an order is placed, all student data needed for degrees are automatically linked within the platform. Name, education, grades and signatures of authorized board members. The platform then creates the customized file and document for all graduate students.

A PDF containing all individual documents combined follows. This is sent to the assigned employees for approval. They can check the documents for accuracy and completeness.

The approved files are prepared for production at value printer Royal Joh. Enschedé. The number of blank documents is measured per order and retrieved from the secure vault.

The documents go to digital print production. With inkjet and laser, the documents are provided with all personal student data.

All documents are collected in Royal Joh. Enschedé’s secure environment and never leave this. The documents are packaged by student and faculty.

The value documents go to the desired educational institution. This includes both secure transport to the physical location as well as the online traffic in the platform.

The order is provided only to persons who have permission to do so. It is predetermined which persons may receive the documents.

The diploma process is secure from A to Z.
Digitally secure copies are uploaded and stored in the national diploma registry and/or a local database.

Whitepaper Diploma Support


The 12 services of Diploma Support

Whitepaper about all the steps in the secure process offered by Diploma Support.

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Royal Joh. Enschedé is the specialist in the secure creation and production of value documents. Software partner Prindustry automates this process with all complex data security. This creates a strong partnership for Diploma Support: 100% ease and yet secure!