Make your business notable
with custom banknotes

Make your brand stand out with custom designed banknotes. Drawing on more than 200 years of skilled craftsmanship in printing banknotes, we promise exceptional quality that you can see and touch. With our cutting-edge AR technology, your brand’s message becomes engaging and shareable, giving you a unique way to connect with customers and fans around the world.
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Interactive & memorable

Notable currency is a customized banknote designed specifically for your brand. It's a blend of a physical note - like the kind you'd find in your wallet - with the added twist of digital technology. The AR component makes the experience of receiving and interacting with the banknote memorable and shareable.

Innovative AR technology

Through innovative AR technology we allow you to integrate video and animation into banknotes, making them a sought after collector’s item.

Unique marketing and promotion solution

Create your own custom currency with unlimited marketing and promotion possibilities to surprise and excite your audience.

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A creative and engaging marketing tool for:

Tourism and Travel

Custom banknotes can be designed to feature famous landmarks, cultural symbols, or historical figures, making them appealing souvenirs for tourists. Travel agencies and tourist destinations can use them as part of promotional packages or as collectible items.
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Event Management

For special events like festivals, concerts, or sports events, custom banknotes can serve as unique tickets or vouchers. They can also be used as part of a larger event-themed merchandise collection.

Retail and Shopping Centers

Custom banknotes can be used as part of a loyalty program, where customers collect them to redeem for discounts, special offers, or exclusive products. This approach can enhance customer engagement and repeat visits.
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Corporate Branding and Promotions

Companies can use custom banknotes for branding purposes, featuring their logo, products, or key messages. They can be distributed at corporate events, trade shows, or through direct mail campaigns.

Banking and Finance

Financial institutions can issue commemorative banknotes to celebrate anniversaries, milestones, or to raise awareness about financial literacy. They can also be used as educational tools in workshops or seminars.
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Gaming and Entertainment

In the gaming industry, custom banknotes can be used as in-game currency, prizes, or as part of a promotional campaign for new games or expansions.
Education and Training: Educational institutions such as schools and universities can use custom banknotes as teaching aids for economics, history, or art classes. They can also be used in simulations or educational games.

Arts and Culture

Museums, galleries, and cultural organizations can create custom banknotes featuring artwork, historical themes, or cultural motifs. These can be sold as collectibles or used in interactive exhibits.
Hospitality and Restaurants: Custom banknotes can be used as part of a rewards system in hotels or restaurants, where guests collect them for various perks or discounts.
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Non-Profits and Charities

For fundraising and awareness campaigns, custom banknotes can be designed to convey the mission or cause of the organization, offering supporters a tangible and memorable token of their contribution.

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Ready to get noted with personalized banknotes?

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