Fundamentals of Banknote Production is a 5-days neutral training program covering all aspects of banknote design, materials and printing. It gives participants the valuable experience of combining theory and practice in the printing works, laboratory and design departments. Participation is limited to Central Banks and State Printing Works. It is also possible to book tailor-made training at your location.

Besides in-house training, Joh- Enschedé also organizes regional seminars with the Dutch Currency Association. Visit the website of the Dutch Currency Association for the next regional seminar at


The 313 years expertise of Joh. Enschedé makes us the perfect partner for advice on all aspects of high security printing. As a printins works without a paper mill we can offer a neutral perspective on the industry. We support organisations who wish to set up a printing works, laboratory, design department or who seek advice on security matters.


Joh. Enschede offers secured storage facilities to clients who do not have capacity in their own vaults. Our company works with a 4-eyes principle in all areas and monitors every detail of its operations with a CCTV camera system. 

Cash Management Software

Nowadays Central Banks see the need for a more sophisticated system to keep track of cash. Royal Joh. Enschedé offers Central Banks a state of the art software package to monitor their cash centers, the vaults, in transit and at the commercial banks. Implementing this software means that planning at cash centers, monitoring the total cash available in vaults of Central Bank branches an commercial banks and ordering and shipping cash become simple and accurate. The package offers different modules and is compatible with all important software packages.